The British Empire


Queen Victoria reigned in England from 1837 to her death in 1901. Her reign lasted 64 years. She made her country richer, stronger, more powerful. England was at its best.

Queen Victoria's Conquests

In her life, Queen Victoria conquered many countries : Egypt in 1881, Canada in 1867, India and she became Empress of India in 1876. After her death in 1901 Edward VII conquered Australia and New Zealand in 1907, South Africa in 1910, Ireland in 1922.

Map of Queen Victoria and Edward the VII's Empire in 1890.


The popularity of Victoria.

On this picture, we can see flags of Queen Victoria's conquests. We can see a beautiful parade. Everybody is very happy. Before the reign of Victoria, England was poor, dirty. During her reign, the Empire became rich, beautiful and happy. It was a very good period for the history of England. Victoria's popularity was finally in the twenty last years of her reign. The golden Jubilee (1887) and the diamonds Jubilee (1897) were a very big party. Her reign was the longest of British history.


The jubilee of diamond in 1897


The end of Queen Victoria's reign.

In 1899 the war of Boers started and Victoria died during this war. This war finished in 1902. When Victoria died, Edward VII became king of the British Empire. During this time, France and England were closer.


This has been written by Sylvain, Thomas and Jonathan.