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Historical heritage
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Hello ! How are you ? Here we are telling about the children and grand-children of Queen Victoria.
Queen Victoria was the daughter of Victoria Mary Louisa and Edward Duke of Kent.
Victoria had nine children. Her
eldest son reigned after her under the name of Edward VII.
Before her reign, it was the Hanoverians and after it was the the Windsors.

Queen Victoria

Edward VII

Edward VII was born in Buckingham Palace in 1840. He was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Albert. He went to the Universities of Cambrige and Oxford. Edward was king of England and Ireland and the emperor of India like his mother.

In 1863, he married Alexandra. They had nine children. He died in 1921.




The descendants

Here is Queen Victoria at the end of her life with her children and her grand-children.

Women are in the middle of the picture. They look strict and severe. We think they were leaders in the family because they are in the first plan in the picture.


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This has been written by Amandine, Laure-Anna and Solenn.