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authoritative : (adj) likely to be obeyed.

austere : (adj) strict and serious.

became : (v) past tense of become.

become : (v) start to change and develop other characteristics.

began : (v) past tense of begin.

behaviour : (n) the way people do and say things.

blacken : (v) become black.

boring : (adj) dull, uninteresting.

brooch : (n) piece of jewellery to pin on a dress or a coat.

call : (v) give the name of.

came : (v) past tense of come.

carry out : (v) do.

civil servants : (n) people who worked for the queen.

clever : (adj) intelligent, witty.

collapse : (v) fall down.

conquer : (v) take complete control of another land.

coronation : (n) ceremony at which someone becomes king or queen.

decade : (n) ten years.

descendant : (n) one of the later generation.

diary : (n) a book in which you can write what happens in your everyday life.

disease : (n) illness.

earrings : (n) jewels on one's ear.

the eldest : (adj) the superlative form of the adjective old.

emperor : (n) a man who rules an empire.

empire : (n) a number of nations that are controlled by the ruler of one country.

factory : (n) a large building where men use machines to make large quantities of things.

gave : (v) past tense of give.

get on well (with) : (v) have a friendly relationship.

go on strike : (v) stop working.

govern : (v) be in charge of a country.

granddaughter : (n) someone's granddaughter is the daughter of their son or daughter.

gun : (n) object used to hunt, to kill.

hairdo : (n) the way someone combs one's hair.

handkerchief : (n) small piece of cloth you use to blow your nose.

hard : (adj) difficult.

for instance : (adv) for example.

jewel : (n) precious ring, necklace etc...

jubilee : (n) a special anniversary.

knew : (v) past tense of know.

land : (n) area of ground, rather than sea or air.

last : (v) go from a period of time to another period of time.

leader : (n) someone at the head of something.

look like : (v) resemble.

loss : (n) when you lose something.

lungs : (n) the two organs inside your chest which fill with air when you breathe in.

made : (v) past tense of make.

may : modal of suppose (50% sure).

narrow : (adj) very small distance from one side to another.

necklace : (n) jewel to wear around your neck.

parade : (n) procession of people or vehicles through a public place to celebrate something important.

plump : (adj) rounded, rather fat.

power : (n) a lot of control over people.

proper : (adj) good for health.

protective : (adj) looking after someone and showing a strong desire to keep safe.

provide (with) : (v) give.

a quarter : 1/4.

in rags : (n) in old and torn clothes, full of holes.

recover : (v) become well again.

the Riviera : (n) La Côte d'Azur.

rule : (v) load, govern.

safe : (adj) not dangerous.

self-confident : (adj) self-assured.

sensitive : (adj) showing understanding to someone's problems, feelings.

show : (v) put in exhibition.

sick : (adj) ill.

silk : (n) soie.

slave : (n) someone who is the property of another person.

spend : (v) use time doing something.

stones : (n) rocks.

strength : (n) physical energy.

suburb : (n) small area outside the center of the city.

succeed to : (v) be the next person to have a position.

towards : in the direction of.

undergo : (v) endure, cannot avoid or escape.

underwent : (v) past tense of undergo.

unhealthy : (adj) dirty and likely to cause illness and infection.

veil : (n) a piece of cloth to put on one's head to hide hair.

wear : (v) have on one's body (clothes).

whooping cough : (n) coqueluche.

wore : (v) past tense of wear.

would : (v) past tense of will.

wrote : (v) past tense of write.