A Gallery of Portraits



We are going to show you some portraits of Queen Victoria during her life and her reign. If you want to know what she looked like follow me.

After her

Here we can see Queen Victoria when she was 18 years old. She has got a very long dress, she is sitting on a big throne. On this portrait, she has got a crown. We think that it is in a church because there are columns behind her. She is wearing a scarf across her body. It may be after her coronation. She is in full light ; this light may be God's light. It may give her power to reign.


A self-confident woman

We can see a portrait of queen Victoria. She was maybe forty years old at that time. She is wearing a beautiful black and white dress. She always wore many flowers on her dress to be nicer and more elegant. She had in her hands a handkerchief. She was very rich so she had a lot of very precious jewels a watch, a beautiful necklace, many rings, earrings and other brooches. She had a special hairdo and looked more pious in that way. Here, she is looking at us and she is very serious and authoritative.



The middle-life portrait

Queen Victoria was plump and she wore many jewels. Here she is wearing lots of bracelets. On the next she has medallions, she is serious on the picture. She is wearing a golden crown. She is wearing a scarf of silk. She is thinking and she has flat and short hair.



Authority on her face

Here, we see another portrait of Queen Victoria. She is still wearing a nice crown. She is plump and her hair is black. She has lots of flowers on her body and she is wearing a dress of silk. She was a blue-eyed woman. She is wearing a medallion on her golden necklace. Her profile shows determination.



Victoria in the mirror

Here we present a very special portrait because we see two faces of her life. In a second plan she is young. She is slim and her hair is black. She is smiling so she may be happy after her coronation.
In a first plan Queen Victoria is older . She is
wearing a smaller crown on a veil and a black dress. She seems fatter, tired and sad. She looks severe. Lions under the portrait remind us of the powerful empire. We see a child with a sword and different flags. The child may thank her. Under the flags, they are two guns. They may symbolise order and protection.



Not long before her death

In this portrait, Queen Victoria is older than before, she is at the end of her reign. She is wearing a large black dress which is not very nice. We can see her white hair and she is still serious but tired too. She still wears many jewels, precisely a long necklace of pearls. Roses on the table remind some kind of feminity and she is looking right ahead. There, she maybe seventy years old.



The Queen's statue in London at Windsor Castle

This statue of Queen Victoria is in London. It's a big and high statue of bronze. This statue is to remember her. It stands at Windsor castle.


This has been written by Alan, Gwenal and Romain.