Workers of the Industrial Era


Hello,how are you ? We are going to tell you about the workers'life and their work. In 1833 in factories, workers spent fifteen hours working. They had only two hours to eat potatoes and bread and they didn't have enough strength. It was a working-day for one worker and it was very hard for him in England.


Their working conditions

Many workers were very tired because they worked a lot. They didn't have enough money to get some proper food. They worked in very dirty places with much noise and pollution. It was very dangerous because they could cut hands. Accidents happened a lot. When workers were too tired, they lost their work. They didn't go on strike.



A difficult life

" Living doesn't mean dying"

In big cities, workers and their families lived in dirty houses. Their working-day started at four in the morning and finished at eleven in the evening. They had four or five days of holidays. Workers were sad and some of them drank a lot to forget this terrible life. When workers broke machines, a boss could beat them.



A better society

Robert Owen was a courageous industrial because he wanted to build small houses for workers, to provide them with a better salary and good education for children. Rich workers got help when they were sick and had accidents whereas poor workers and women didn't get any help. In the middle of the nineteenth century, sensitive people tried to help them. They wanted a better society. After that, working was less difficult because machines were better and workers worked less in 1850.


This has been written by Jessica, Aurore, Aurore.